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Legal Notices

THEAOSON company enjoy copyright to works jointly issued by itself or with a partner , they are protected by the national copyright laws and international copyright convention.

Our company reserves the right to pursue legal liability for the above copyright content beyond reasonable use and without the written permission of our company.

THEAOSON company to "THEAOSON , GINKLING , LYLLOR , GANDSON", such as text or image for protection of trademark registration , THEAOSON company's registered trademark information, can visible to the countries in the trademark registration information publicly.

Without the permission of the THEAOSON company and use the trademark above , could be infringe to the company's registered trademark right, for the behavior that suspected to infringe THEAOSON of the company's registered trademark right, our company will reserve the right to shall be investigated for legal responsibility.

The Criminal Law of The People's Republic of China》 (Excerpts)

《Trademark Law of The People's Republic of China》

<<The National People's Congress Standing Committee on Maintaining Lnternet Security Decision>>

· <<The measures for The Administration of International Networking of Computer Information Network Security Protection>>

· <<The Computer Software Protection Ordinance>>

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The company solemnly reminds the majority of users, do not log on to visit the fake THEAOSON website, so as not to be victimized.

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